ENG via KA Satellite and LiveU

LIVE HD Camera over Ka Satellite based IP Uplink via LiveU to BBC, ITV, ITN, SKY and all Major Broadcasters via an Auto Antenna based system, up time less then 2mins.

Providing FTP uploads, Voip and Live HD via HDSDI with IFB/Cleanfeed.

Muti Camera switching via Blackmagic Atem TV Studio HDMI and HD, Recording with Hyperdeck studio and shuffle


HEL performance and the make shift studio

It’s a hot day in a hot workshop! And we have to film a test shoot complete with rotating 3.5m stage and some hot lights, to test for the up and coming tv commercial shoot the following week in brand hatch!


The Tiff Plan TV Show Casting


We are looking for women who no longer want to feel ‘Fine’ in life, but who want to feel FABULOUS!  And what’s more, who want to feel that way FOREVER!

Tiff Planblack logo

Are you a woman who has tried all the diets, had a go at all the self help fads, but who still feels under confident and maybe a bit down in the dumps with life? Do you have dreams of something more? A new career? A new direction? Do you want more motivation?

Are you fed up with the same old thinking that holds you back? Would you like to change your thinking into something that gives you results? Well Now you can!

The TIFF Plan – Thinking I’m Fabulous Forever is no ordinary make over show.

Think Gok Wan meets Kim and Aggie, with some life coaching and pampering thrown in. This really is a TOTAL make over for mind body AND soul.

With her expert help, top tips, and with assistance from her Treat Team,  Tiffany will guide you through her 4 Step plan and help transform your thinking to turn your life from Fine to Fabulous Forever.

If you or anyone you know would like to take part from the

Devon and Cornwall

and surrounding area

Please complete this online application form http://www.offtheplanet.tv/tiff

Closing Date: 18th July 2013 – Shoot Dates are between: August and September 2013

We are looking for people over 18 years of age, who would be comfortable talking in front of a camera

Strength and Honour 15 DVD - 27 th April 2013 Exmouth Pavillions Cage Fight

Strength and Honour 15

Off The Planet TV was once again commissioned to film, produce and edit the 15th Cage Fight from the Strength and Honour group, this was filmed in full HD on 2 cameras the Canon Xf305 and the XF100, live at the fight venue at the Exmouth pavilions in Devon, the XF305 was used for all the close up work ring side and the XF100 was locked off and took audio feeds from the ring side commentators.
There is always a few set up at the being of the event, the fighters are interview back stage, this is used in the production of the DVD inter-cut with the fight footage.
The footage is edited back at OTP HQ and a fully produced DVD is ready for sale with in two weeks.

Strength and Honour 15 DVD - 27 th April 2013 Exmouth Pavillions Cage Fight

Strength and Honour 15 – 27th April 2013 Exmouth Pavilion
The Results

1. Nathan Powell Def. Mace Ruegg via Split Decision
2. Mike Figlak Def. Troy Reddicliffe via Submission (Triangle Choke)
3. Dillon Moss Def. Brad Wellaway via TKO (Ground and Pound)
4. Matt Stringer Def. Rob Howse via Submission (Guillotine Choke)
5. Liam Fulford Def. Nick Fishleigh via Submission (Armbar)
6. Matt Figlak Def. Dale Bushnell via Submission (Strikes)
7. Razz Tripp Def. George Thornby via Unanimous Decision
8. Josh O’Shea Def. Ben Rees via Technical Submission (Armbar)
9. Tom Congden Def. Matt Philips via Submission (Peruvian Neck Tie)
10. Chris Astley Def. James Whittet via Unanimous Decision
11. Raivo Vidins Def. Jeremy Dingle via Majority Decision
12. Olly Tape Def. Damien Inch via Technical Submission (Side Choke)


Any problems or if you which to pay via a different method, please email us
We accept Cheques, Please make payable to Off The Planet Productions

Live News feeds via Satellite

We can now offer Cost-effective Satellite News and Data Gathering Service via KA-SAT

Satellite news and data gathering across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin has been made simple and cost-effective using NewsSpotter, the Ka-band News Gathering and Data service offered via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite.

Using the compact, lightweight equipment, one person can start transmitting and receiving real-time, high-quality video, images and data from any location, in just a couple of minutes.

Ideal for occasional or permanent use, NewsSpotter delivers seamless integration into IP networks using state-of-the-art satellite technology, removing the need for any infrastructure. Bandwidth is reserved online using the self-booking application, which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.

NewsSpotter, an integrated contribution service for satellite news gathering using lightweight kit

The Polar Express UK

Off The Planet TV where happy to commissioned to produce a promotional film for the launch of The Polar Express in the UK, whats more impressive (for Off The Planet TV) is that it’s in our home town Okehampton,
We supplied cameraman and Director Dan Rose to Cube Creative to film and direct the cast and crew of the 60 plus performance, on the dress rehearsal day (Sunday 18th November 2012) we were able to use some cast for some specially produced pieces to camera directed by Dan, the following day Dan was able to film and get the reactions of families and the children on this magical experience… Filmed in HD on Canon XF305 and edited the following day at OTP’s HQ.

The finished film can be seen here…


New Full HD Cameras

The new canon xf305 and xf100 are full hd and BBC approved cameras this means that you can make a programme just using these or this camera for broadcast.

TV Commericals

Off The Planet Productions have been busy working hard on a number of TV commercials (58 in total) for The Manor House and Ashbury Hotel, Golf Holidays, Craft Holidays, Sporting Holidays and Tennis Holidays have been covered in this new range of adverts… Because the complex is constantly changing so the adverts have to be changed on a regular bases, the adverts show on over 30 different channels, from sports channels like Sky Sports to entertainment channels like DAVE and even childrens channels….

Each advert has its own free phone telephone number so the advert can be traced and its performance checked. With every commercial comes clearance from adway (clearcast) which Off The Planet takes care of all the clearance and paper work for this to be cleared for broadcast on television…


Strength and Honour 13 Cage Fight

On the 30th July at Exmouth Pavilions in Devon  Off The Planet TV was commissioned again to film and produce this events Live event and post production for the DVD and the sales of the DVD afterwards….

Strength and Honour have been producing their cage fighting events in the Southwest for many years and Off the planet are proud to be the production company of choice for this event… the event can have up to 15 different bouts ranging from amateur all the way through the weight categories to heavy weight and semi and professional fighters…

It’s filmed with two broadcast cameras, taking audio feeds from the cage host and ringside commentators for the fights, and the camera are also projected onto a large screen or screens around the venue…

The footage is then edited and graphics and sound effects are added at the post production stage at Off The Planet Productions HQ
this can be in the edit for up to two weeks and then DVD are produced with interactive menus and put on sale for general release…

You can buy copies and Back dated copies of other fights here

Big Brother Winner 2011 Aaron Allard-Morgan

Channel 5’s Big Brother Winner Aaron Allard-Morgan along with housemate and now girlfriend Faye Palmer and Channel 5 have commissioned Off The Planet TV to produce their pilot. Continue reading “Big Brother Winner 2011 Aaron Allard-Morgan” »

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